VenaSeal© closure system

The VenaSeal © is the last method on the market. In this case, the long or short outer trunk vein is glued from the inside via a special catheter by means of "seconds glue". The treatment is painless and can be performed without anesthesia or local anesthesia.

In the case of venule, the vein is glued together with the aid of a glue inserted into the vein.



In this method, the remaining lateral branches are conventionally removed or eroded by means of exhairesis (miniphlebectomy) with minute incisions.


  •      No anesthesia, no local anesthesia
  •      Very fast workability
  •      No cuts, no scars
  •      No nerve injuries
  •      No or very short compression treatment after the procedure


Videos on the VenaSeal-treatment:

Endovenöse nicht-thermische Varizenoperationsverfahren: VenaSeal Venenkleber, Dr. med. Karsten Hartmann,