Radio Wave Therapy

Illustration des Verfahrens

This is a new procedure in which the long or short external trunk vein, which is withdrawn during the traditional stripping, remains in the leg and is shrunk and closed by means of a radiovolume probe. Radiowave therapy is similar to laser therapy but there are varicose veins in which radiowave therapy (which can be combined with a foam sclerotherapy) is more suitable. In the case of the Venefit® catheter, the heat is released via the yellow catheter tip. The vein is carefully closed.Radiowave assisted crossectomy was developed by our team according to the latest findings. With this treatment we guarantee less relapse!

The remaining side branches are conventionally removed or descended by means of exhairesis (miniphlebectomy) with very small incisions.

Advantages of the process:

  •      Less pain and bruises
  •      Faster workability
  •      No groin or knee-throat cut
  •      No or very short compression treatment after the procedure